Winter Harbor LLC

AGRO Merchants Group


AGRO Merchants Group is a temperature-controlled warehouse facility and distribution space provider for the global food industry, with $520 million in annual revenue. Their warehouses and distribution solutions are located in the United States, United Kingdom, other parts of Europe, Australia, Brazil and Chile. They strive to deliver fresh and frozen handling solutions through their international facility network.


Winter Harbor was hired as financial advisor to perform due diligence and supplementary assessment services focused on evaluating the potential acquisition of industry-related company, Lucca Freezer & Storage.

Scope of work

  • Reviewed and assessed historical financial information provided by the acquisition targets.

  • Determined potential financial and operational synergies.

  • Reviewed and assessed the attainability of the business plan for the acquisition targets, including revenue and EBITDA projections.

  • Documented potential “soft” assumptions or inherent risks in the transaction.

Engagement Outcome

As financial advisor we determined potential financial and operational synergies, assessed associated risks and document potential “soft” assumptions in the transaction. Our recommendations and assessment were delivered to AGRO Merchants for review. AGRO Merchants completed the acquisition of Lucca Freezer & Storage, resulting in an expanded service offering.