Winter Harbor LLC

American Dental Partners

Dental Provider Subject to Court Ordered Judgement


American Dental Partners, Inc. (ADPI) is a provider of practice management services to multidisciplinary dental groups. Their affiliated dental groups maintain complete autonomy over their patient care process and clinical operations. ADPI acts as a value-added business partner, serving as a collaborator and service provider to its affiliates. They also offer strategic business services such as acquisitions, mergers and succession planning for those preparing for retirement. ADPI generates close to $300 million in annual revenue through its affiliate relationships.

Our Role

Winter Harbor professionals were engaged to conduct an extensive financial assessment following the filing of a court ordered judgement against American Dental Partners.

  • Performed intensive review in light of monetary judgement.

  • Reviewed ADPI’s financial statements, operational processes, existing overhead and potential cash flow.

  • Performed due diligence on the probability of future claims against ADPI.

  • Guided ADPI towards successful settlement of their judgement.

  • Analyzed the viability of ADPI following the fulfillment of their financial judgement.

  • Presented a due diligence report and strategic options to senior lender.

Engagement Outcome

Subject to a $130 million court ordered resolution judgement, American Dental Partners required assistance with managing their case and fulfilling the lawsuit. Winter Harbor was hired by ADPI’s senior lender to assess the viability of their current financial status and confirm continued revenue generation after the settlement of their judgement. We conducted a comprehensive assessment of ADPI’s business operations and financial statements, reviewing cash flow requirements and anticipated expenses. By request of the senior lender, we developed a due diligence report, detailing the probability of future claims against ADPI. The senior lender retained its financial contract with ADPI as result of our exhaustive review.