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ABL Advisor: The State of the Evolving Manufacturing Sector

As a firm that actively engages in the buying, selling, auctioning, appraising and financing of used industrial assets, the questions we’re being asked the most these days are “what is the state of the manufacturing sector? What has been happening in the past quarter? What about the past year?” Our firm’s core focus and area of expertise is strictly from the machinery and equipment market, so we couldn’t begin to comment on a manufacturer’s ability to innovate during these odd market times. However, the historical notion is that when the new equipment market stagnates there is greater movement in the used market. It’s important to understand that any capital-intensive industry such as industrial machinery is cyclical.

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ABL Advisor: Oil & Gas M&A Takes Hit From Drop in Exploration Spending, Report

Reduced spending for oil and gas exploration is limiting availability of quality deepwater assets for merger and acquisition (M&A) deals, according to a new report by IHS Markit. This lack of deepwater asset inventory is challenging E&P (exploration and production) operators who seek to acquire assets in order to secure development funds or de-risk their portfolios.

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ABL Advisor: Asset-Based Finance Index Indicated Historically Strong Credit Quality

Businesses in the United States are growing, as reflected by increased borrowing during the second quarter of the year, the Commercial Finance Association (CFA) announced. According to the CFA’s latest Quarterly Asset-Based Lending (ABL) Index, total committed credit lines increased 5% over 1Q2017. Total Borrowings increased 3% quarter over quarter and 12% compared to the same period the prior year.

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Monitor Daily: Evolving with ‘Servitization’: The Days of Buying Equipment Are Numbered

Most of us enjoy the benefits of servitization (also known as managed services or managed solutions) every day. In fact, you may be holding a piece of equipment that includes bundled services in your palm as you read this article. These days, most cell phone contracts are miniature versions of servitization. As users, we pay a monthly fee to enjoy the benefit of using a mobile phone, insurance to cover any necessary maintenance or replacement costs as well as the cost of mobile phone service, text messaging and data.

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