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Viewpoint: Q&A with Senior Director, Jeffrey Horine

Winter Harbor would like to spotlight our senior director, Jeff Horine, this month. He has over 25 years of turnaround and restructuring experience, and has held senior operating and principal investing roles with companies across a range of industries. Outside the office, Jeff is on the Board of the Boston Tennis & Racquet Club and enjoys attending his son’s many sporting events with his wife. Learn more about Jeff and his restructuring experience below!

Q: What is your role at Winter Harbor and responsibilities when working on a client engagement?

A: I lead turnaround and restructuring teams onsite in establishing and executing an engagement's execution plan and objectives. I am the day-to-day, senior contact person for our clients’ executive personnel and serve as a liaison between the client and its lenders and stakeholders as we execute the turnaround or restructuring plan. I work in conjunction with our team to ensure the client is receiving the collective benefits of our firm's expertise.

Q: Why are you proud to work at Winter Harbor?

A: Winter Harbor delivers results. The quality of our engagement planning, execution, and deliverables is second to none. At least one of our three managing partners and founders is involved in every engagement to ensure consistency in the results Winter Harbor delivers for its clients. Management teams often greet the role of a restructuring firm with skepticism, but it doesn't take long before they start to heavily lean on us for advice and counsel as they begin to see the results and value that our engagement teams deliver.

Q: How has the view of the restructuring process changed from a constituent’s perspective?

A: In recent years, constituents have begun to engage us earlier, which helps support more alternatives in the restructuring process. Today, we are being asked to complete more operational assessments, which often lead to the uncovering of looming troubles that we can proactively address if identified early enough. Winter Harbor is routinely engaged on large scale restructurings in which management teams embrace our involvement and advice, given our wealth of experience dealing with complex restructuring issues on a daily basis. Businesses have repositioned their outlook on welcoming support when they are met with diligence, collaboration, and integrity – all of which are values of Winter Harbor.

Q: What would you recommend to businesses that are in need of restructuring and turnaround support?

A: Identifying foreseeable business challenges and addressing pending issues early on is a key factor to a successful turnaround. Reacting quickly and seeking professional guidance are vital to continued progress. Businesses should elect a turnaround firm with not only experience and rigor, but also dedication to working in concert with your entire organization until a superior outcome is secured. By working with Winter Harbor, you can expect to receive an unwavering commitment to you, your people, and your business.