Winter Harbor LLC

Fabco automotive corporation

Assessment Performed at Request of Senior Lenders


Fabco Automotive Corporation is a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of drivetrain systems, power transmission gearboxes, and related components serving commercial, industrial, agricultural, and military vehicle markets worldwide with $40 million in annual revenue.

Our Role

Winter Harbor conducted a comprehensive business assessment of Fabco’s current operations and distribution logistics.  By means of our assessment, we served as Financial Advisor to Fabco in evaluating the financial condition of Fabco and their current business plan.  Furthermore, our professionals:

  • Prepared assessment of Fabco’s existing business operations and distribution processes.

  • Performed cash & liquidity audit.

  • Oversaw the closure of certain facilities.

  • Developed operational and strategic alternatives to be implemented in following fiscal year.

  • Identified any short-term liquidity requirements.

Engagement Outcome

Winter Harbor was hired by Fabco to perform a full business assessment and operational analysis.  Our professionals conducted a cash and liquidity audit, assessed supply and distribution logistics, and reviewed Fabco’s current year business plan.  We developed operational and strategic alternatives for the upcoming fiscal year.  Our findings were presented to the Company’s senior lenders.