Winter Harbor LLC

Creative Engineered Polymer Products, LLC


Creative Engineered Polymer Products, LLC was a provider plastic and injection molding manufacturing services for companies in the automotive industry. Their products included air ducts, HVAC components, automotive bumpers, seat backs, window and door seals and wiring shields. Prior to liquidation, CEP Products generated $100 million in revenue and employed over 1,200 associates across eight manufacturing facilities. They served clients in the United States and Mexico.


CEP Products required assistance with its bankruptcy filing and wind down process. Winter Harbor was appointed chief restructuring officer to oversee the bankruptcy filing process, and then reengaged as liquidating trustee to lead the wind down of CEP Products.

Scope of Work

  • Lead CEP Products through the bankruptcy Chapter 11 filing process.

  • Acted as chief restructuring officer, with authority to dispose of assets, shut down operating facilities, and terminate personnel.

  • Continued to serve in interim management roles as CEP Products began liquidation process.

  • Managed all aspects of the subsequent wind down and liquidation of the Company.

  • Served as trustee to liquidate assets and recover available capital.

Engagement Outcome

Winter Harbor was hired by CEP Products to serve as chief restructuring officer and guide CEP through the bankruptcy filing process. We successfully saw CEP Products through a Chapter 11 liquidation, serving as liquidating trustee and main point of contact to constituents. We managed the workout process by disposing of assets and recovering any possible capital to render to creditors.