Winter Harbor LLC


Winter Harbor Serves as Restructuring Advisor to Electronics Repair Firm


Contec, LLC provides technology and electronic solutions to customers who invest substantial capital into their equipment, electronics and operational facilities.  They are a consumer premise equipment and general electronics hardware repair company, serving cable, satellite and telecommunications customers.  Contec works with clients in the medical, industrial and analytical space, generating $600 million in annual revenue.

Our Role

Winter Harbor professionals partnered with Contec executives to develop and implement operational turnaround improvements.

  • Reviewed and analyzed current state of financial and business operations.

  • Performed assessment to identify strategic improvement opportunities.

  • Assisted management with the implementation of improvement initiatives.

  • Evaluated Company’s financial forecast for the current year, including historical trends, current state of economy, and achievability of major initiatives.

  • Reviewed Company’s 13-week cash flow forecast.

  • Monitored ongoing financial and operation performances.

  • Advised the Chief Executive Officer and Board of Director of restructuring matters.

Engagement Outcome

Winter Harbor partnered with Contec executives and the Board of Directors to determine and implement operational improvement initiatives. An evaluation of each location and business unit was completed, and our findings were presented to management for review. Revenue and upcoming expenses were forecasted for an 13-week outlook. Winter Harbor recommended that Contec focus on executing cost-reduction initiatives in order to achieve its assumed cash flow, breakeven EBITDA of $6 million.