Winter Harbor LLC

Diversified Global Graphics Group

Supplementary Capital Raised for Media Group


DG3 Group is a global provider of custom print and communication services and solutions to clients around the world. They boast a team of consultants, designers, digital markets and print and distribution technicians, that handle projects of all sizes including print, strategic planning, investment compliance, digital marketing, distribution and promotional items. DG3 Group has completed multi-million dollar projects for Xerox, UPS, PepsiCo, Merrill Lynch, Valeant Pharmaceuticals and Hewlett Packard. DG3 Group produces $150 million in annual revenue.

Our Role

Winter Harbor was initially hired to serve as Financial Advisor to DG3 Group, to assist with capital raising and funding. Our role developed into serving as Chief Restructuring Officer, working with DG3 Group to properly apply their newly secured funding and improve existing operations.

  • Prepared a liquidation-recovery analysis for the Company.

  • Performed cash-flow management and forecasting.

  • Assisted the Company in negotiating an amendment agreement with its senior lender.

  • Assisted the Company in negotiating a management incentive plan with its mezzanine lenders.

Engagement Outcome

Winter Harbor served as Financial Advisor and Chief Restructuring Officer to the DG3 Group as they sought additional working capital and increased liquidity to fund expanding operations. Our professionals prepared and presented both a cash-flow and liquidation-recovery analysis to DG3 executives, to be used in preparation for negotiations with DG3 constituents. We guided DG3 executives through the negotiation process with their senior lender and mezzanine lenders. We arranged amended lending agreement with DG3’s senior lender and a management incentive plan with its mezzanine lenders. The increased lending allowed for an aggressive transformation of DG3 operations and solution offerings.