Winter Harbor LLC

D&S Consultants, Inc.


D&S Consultants, Inc. (DSCI) is a products and services company that links various disciplines, including systems engineering, simulation, modeling, maintainability, analysis, availability, research, reparability, training, and testability as an integrated process to provide solutions within the communications, command, control, computer, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance space. Its solutions include combat systems, mission augmentation, operations and maintenance, human systems engineering, training, computers, electronic warfare, cyber, enterprise information systems, command and control, communications, and computers, as well as intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems. They are a government contractor specializing in C6ISR within the Department of Defense.


Our Role

Phase 1

  • Performed a detailed assessment of the Company’s business plan including its projections, personnel, contract profitability, and project pipeline.

  • Projected weekly cash flow for the Company while operating under a forbearance agreement.

  • Developed monthly reporting in accordance with forbearance agreement.

  • Monitored Company’s liquidity position as it related to current year business plan.

Phase 2

  • Assisted management with stabilizing operations and associated expenses/overhead.

  • Proposed a complex debt restructuring with a negotiation of new loan agreement.

Engagement Outcome

Winter Harbor was engaged as financial or under a new forbearance agreement set by DSCI’s senior lender. We partnered with DSCI executives to determine and review the Company’s cash flow and profitability projections. Since our engagement, DSCI has been unable to secure recurring annual government contracts, forcing DSCI to wind down and terminate business operations.