Winter Harbor LLC

Dynatech International

High Fixed Costs and Procurement Delays Lead to Poor Performance


Dynatech International is the industry's premier single-source provider of aerospace turbine engine replacement parts and overhaul services.  They deliver an array of distribution, repair and logistics services for the maintenance of turbine engines, as well as avionics, instruments, hydromechanical, pneumatic and electromechanical systems.  Dynatech is approved by the U.S. Army and Air Force as their primary supplier of replacement parts.  Dynatech generates over $20 million in revenue each year.

Our Role

Winter Harbor was engaged by Dynatech International to assist with their poor cash flow and sales performance.  Our professionals:

  • Developed a weekly cash flow model and monthly budget.

  • Provided weekly cash flow monitoring.

  • Assisted management in developing alternatives to manage through a stabilization period.

  • Led negotiations with lenders in connection with an amendment of existing obligations.

Engagement Outcome

Prior to the engagement, Dynatech International failed to meet its obligations with its lenders due to poor performance.  Winter Harbor was consulted to assist Dynatech with identifying key performance indicators and monitor their monthly cash flow.  We determined that Dynatech was experiencing poor performance due to their high fixed costs, slow moving inventory, procurement delays, high customer concentration and limited backlog.  In turn, Dynatech completed a successful refinancing, with existing loans being paid in full.