Winter Harbor LLC

Finn Partners

Communications Firm Undergoes Assessment at Request of Lender


Finn Partners is a full-service marketing and communications company, providing a broad-range of clients with branding, advertising, public relations and research services. They work with clients to address various business development goals, identifying and building a strategy, and managing all aspects of the execution process. Finn Partners employs a mixed-team of 600 researchers, strategists, designers, technologists, content specialists and campaigners across three continents, with $110 million in annual revenue. They have been continuously recognized for their excellence in the advertising industry and for their employee culture. Winter Harbor was commissioned to assess Finn Partner's business operations.

Our Role

Winter Harbor was hired by Finn Partners to perform a comprehensive assessment of operations and present findings to the Company's financial lender.  In detail, we:

  • Assessed viability of budget and cash flow forecast.

  • Tested impact of deviations from the projections on financial performance, liquidity and collateral.

  • Reviewed terms, conditions and financial forecasts for planned acquisitions.

  • Reviewed compliance with credit facility and borrowing base.

  • Assessed options to improve liquidity.

  • Developed written assessment of findings and present such findings to the company and the lender.

Engagement Outcome

Winter Harbor was engaged by Finn Partners to assess current operations and analyze financial statements, specifically, projected cash flows. As part of our assessment, we identified limitations in the management’s ability to forecast cash flows and anticipate their liquidity needs. We identified options to improve liquidity, one of which was to increase Finn Partners’ borrowing baseline with its credit facility. We developed a written assessment of our findings and presented such findings to Finn Partners and its current lender. Our assessment was referenced during the development of Finn Partners’ 2018 and 2019 business plan.