Winter Harbor LLC

Innovative Building Systems

Winter Harbor Guides IDBS Through Bankruptcy Filing


Innovative Building Systems designed and manufactured custom modular homes with several subsidiaries under the brand Innovative Design and Building Services (IDBS). They had operating facilities throughout the United States. They constructed single family homes, multi-family homes and commercial buildings. They were located in Mechanicsburg, PA with approximately $150 million in annual sales.

Our Role

Winter Harbor acted as Chief Restructuring Officer, overseeing IDBS’ filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection.  Our professionals:

  • Guided Company through Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

  • Oversaw the liquidation and wind down process.

  • Managed the production backlog of floors within each location plant.

  • Determined production issues and delivered operational solutions to management team.

Engagement Outcome

Winter Harbor professionals managed the cease of operations and guided the Company through a wind-down process and Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. We coordinated end of production with customers and suppliers, and worked to preserve critical staff personnel during filing, avoiding large layoffs. We partnered with management to fulfill client orders through available inventory at headquarter facilities, while determining production issues and implementing operational solutions targeted at completing backlogged orders.