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Winter Harbor professionals take our clients’ business personally, meaning we dive deep and leave engagements with a thorough understanding of the ins and outs of our clients’ industries. For more information regarding a specific area, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you don’t see your industry on this list, give us a call and if we can’t help you, we promise to refer you to someone who can.


Industries we serve include:


+ Aerospace and Defense

Winter Harbor has been on the front line in negotiations with the world’s largest businesses in the aerospace and defense industry, providing us with a deep understanding of government contracting. Members of our team have firsthand experience, specifically having worked for the largest single contractor to the U.S. Government.

The firm has executed several successful engagements including the restructuring and eventual sale of a privately owned provider of air traffic management (ATM) solutions and surveillance technologies serving the global civil aviation and defense industries. We also oversaw the operational and financial turnaround of a large supplier of MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) to the US military. Our client list also includes several specialty component manufacturers to the industry including specialized parts required to meet the high demands and tolerances required.

+ Automotive

Winter Harbor has decades of experience in the automotive supplier industry. OEMs, Tier I and Tier II suppliers have looked to WH to assist them in navigating through financial difficulties and we are proud to call some of the largest automotive suppliers our clients. Given the cyclical nature of this industry, the automotive supplier industry has become very standardized in terms of their approach to distressed assets and underperforming companies. WH has developed key relationships with decision makers at the largest OEMs and with the professionals they routinely hire. We’re intimately familiar with the automotive restructuring process and have successfully negotiated accommodation agreements for our clients with every OEM.

Some examples of our work include: operating a 12 location forging business making knuckles and hubs for the heavy truck and SUV market while negotiating accommodations and eventually selling each of the 12 facilities to different buyers; assisting a textile manufacturing company and headliners with their banking relationship; refinancing a large plastic injection molding company; winding down a fixed mast antenna business; and developing and implementing the operational turnaround of a specialty tools business.

+ Distribution

The distribution industry is heavily reliant on razor thin efficiencies that need to be garnered for strong operations. At Winter Harbor, we’ve worked with the full variety of distribution businesses from fresh to frozen foods, consumer products, furniture, and numerous wholesalers that supply multiple industries. Whether direct to consumer or business to business operations, we’re equipped to help businesses optimize logistics and leverage assets (owned or leased). It’s about cost and efficiency and working with low margins.

We have served in interim management roles and performed restructuring services for apparel distributors, healthcare and hospitality businesses, family-owned food distributors and many others.

+ Energy, Oil, and Gas

New energy technologies, decreasing renewable energy costs, and low natural gas prices are factors heavily affecting both direct energy suppliers and their equipment and service providers. These changes create business model challenges and often vendor tensions. Winter Harbor’s professionals have worked with parties on both sides and are prepared to help energy businesses prepare for and/or adjust to changing market conditions. We have advised companies that engage in power generation, the development of pipeline system control stations and that provide oil and gas field services, parts and equipment.

Our experience includes: serving as interim CFO and Chief Restructuring Officer to a billion dollar energy corporation that designs, constructs and operates waste-to-energy power generation plants; serving as financial advisor and CRO to a national wholesaler, distributor and service provider of process piping, controls and IT solutions; and advising a publicly traded general industrial construction, repair and maintenance services provider to petroleum, power, bulk storage terminal, pipeline and industrial gas industries through a restructuring.

+ Engineering and Construction

The Engineering and Construction industry covers a wide array of projects, simply broken down into three segments: Building (residential and commercial), Infrastructure and Industrial. Winter Harbor has successfully assisted dozens of clients in each including companies focused on state and federal infrastructure projects, industrial clients focused on project based construction from pipelines to chemical plants, and other specific projects such as building hotels, sports arenas, commercial buildings and even modular homes.

We have worked with prime contractors as well as subcontractors on large scale projects and have a deep understanding of project-based accounting (cash flow forecasting, financing and general management). We’ve assisted clients through payment and performance bond defaults, liquidating damages and defending against construction liens. Winter Harbor utilizes our vast experience in this sector to stabilize the business, address project over runs, manage liquidity and work with the company’s constituents to achieve success.

+ Food and Agribusiness

Winter Harbor has deep experience in the food industry including working with crop growers, livestock producers, food processers, warehousing and distribution sites, restaurants and supermarkets. We have completed more than 30 engagements in these segments of the industry and have assisted clients with addressing financial, operational, strategic and regulatory challenges.

Our producer experience includes fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy and the proteins (beef, pork and poultry) and our processing experience includes fresh meats & meat products, seafood products, cheeses, baked goods, soups and sauces, and sweet and salty snacks. We have worked with quick-serve, casual dining restaurants and supermarket chains. Our work throughout the food industry has included both in-court and out-of-court turnarounds and restructurings.

+ Gaming, Hospitality, and Leisure

Winter Harbor has a strong track record of assisting clients in this throughout the Gaming, Hospitality and Leisure industry. With several high profile clients, we have gained a deep understanding of gaming assets, hotel operations and restaurant management. Through hands on management, our professionals have developed a unique skill set and a deep understanding of gaming and gaming regulations and have managed hotels operations with collectively over 3,000 rooms and roughly 20 fine dining and casual restaurant operations.

This experience provides a strong background allowing us to provide value to our clients within this sector. Winter Harbor has also represented one of the country’s largest nightclub and restaurant chains as well as one of the country’s largest corporate housing and temporary apartment providers. We have a strong understanding of the franchisee/franchisor relationship and have represented clients in the restaurant space as well as clients dealing with the large hotel franchisors.

+ Healthcare

Winter Harbor’s professionals have performed dozens of client engagements in the medical industry serving healthcare providers, medical/surgical supply and device manufacturers and providers, pharmaceutical companies, ambulance & para-transit companies and information technology providers.

Our healthcare provider experience covers hospitals and health systems, rehabilitation hospitals, surgical centers, skilled-nursing & CCRCs and physician practices. With continuous changes in the regulatory environment, CMS, managed care policy and technology, we remain prepared to assist clients in developing strategies for addressing financial challenges such as declining revenues, raising costs and capital spending requirements.

+ Manufacturing

Winter Harbor’s professionals know manufacturing. Our manufacturing experience spans numerous engagements in both light and heavy manufacturing ranging from assisting small, family owned manufacturing operations to large publicly traded companies. Winter Harbor has been involved in complex turn arounds involving union workforces and clients with substantial unfunded pensions. We have led offshoring and outsourcing initiatives to improve bottom line performance. Winter Harbor partners with management to evaluate current operations and develop change initiatives to increase output and reduce cost through labor efficiencies, plant layout, automation opportunities and strategic sourcing.

Some representative clients include: one of the country’s largest custom cabinet manufacturers where we developed a turnaround plan to reduce labor inefficiencies and increase revenue; a successful turnaround and refinancing of a plastic injection molding and thermoforming company; the sale of a refractory metals machining business; and the development of an operational turnaround plan for one of the country’s largest boat manufacturers.

+ Materials

Winter Harbor’s materials industry experience is comprised of clients involved with the discovery, development and processing of raw materials. Our experience includes the mining and refining of metals, minerals, chemical producers, textile, plastics and forestry products.

Notable engagements include: the restructuring and eventual sale of one the country’s largest soda ash mining operations; guiding a calcium chloride producer through bankruptcy; assisting a global specialty chemical producer during negotiations with senior lenders; stabilizing the operations and financial condition of a U.S. producer and marketer of diammonium phosphate (DAP), the most widely used phosphate fertilizer, after its plants were damaged during a hurricane; the successful turnaround of a fully integrated manufacturer of high purity molybdenum and tungsten products; and guiding a manufacturer of high-quality coppers and copper-nickel alloys through bankruptcy.

+ Media and Advertising

Winter Harbor has worked with companies in the media and advertising industry across multiple verticals including several paper and online businesses. We recognize the challenges and necessity of strong plans for customer acquisition, cost rationalization and effective monetization of services and pricing. With over 15 years of experience in target marketing including assisting clients with direct and share mail services and email campaigns, we understand the value in measurability.

In addition to our logistical work with businesses, we’ve executed media buys and restructured the cost side of business and profitability. Our client list includes businesses ranging from direct response media providers to large magazine and newspaper publishers as well as e-commerce providers and marketers.

+ Nonprofit

As the costs of business rises from variables such as evolving technology and the war for talent, nonprofits face greater challenges than their profit driven colleagues as resources haven’t increased enough to keep up with the changing market. Winter Harbor’s professionals have worked with organizations in multiple sectors in the industry and understand the risks associated with running a nonprofit as well as the necessity of developing business plans that support revenue growth.

We have served as financial advisors, developing cash-flow models and revising operating models for a diverse cross-section of nonprofit businesses including: a private liberal arts college in the northeast that provides undergraduate and advanced degrees; a conservation corporation that protects and restores national parks, marine sanctuaries, cultural landmarks and community green spaces; and a foundation that carries out the charitable activities related to or in promotion of health care services and health care education.

+ Retail and Consumer Products

Winter Harbor’s professionals have over 30 years of experience in the retail and consumer products industry. Our team’s expertise covers managing all aspects of the business including, but not limited to: supply channels, customer service, procurement, inventory monetization, marketing, storefront operations, and warehousing. In addition to serving retailers, we’ve worked with a large number of suppliers into various retail channels and have strong relationships across multiple retail industries in the U.S. and abroad.

We’ve performed turnaround operations and right-sized the business on dozens of engagements for retailers, distributors, and wholesalers across multiple verticals such as mall retailers, health and wellness stores, toy stores, education supply providers, safety product manufacturers, office furniture suppliers, apparel retailers, sporting goods stores, and custom high-end furnishings to name a few.

+ Technology

Today, technology is integral to every business, but the growing market and ever changing regulations, which are unlikely to become less complex, make it challenging for technology developers and providers to remain ahead of the game. Winter Harbor’s professionals have the foresight to prepare for and prevent disruptions in business models, allowing companies to maintain a competitive pace and continue to be innovators in the field.

We have served as financial and restructuring advisor to web developers, IT consultants, multi-million dollar telecom designers and manufacturers and government contractors. We have hands on experience enabling recurring revenue streams and improving cost structures, creating greater enterprise value for our clients.

+ Transportation and Logistics

Getting from Point A to Point B isn’t always easy, and those in the Transportation and Logistics industry know better than anyone that maximizing time and cost while maintaining quality service can be challenging, yet a driving force behind customer satisfaction. Winter Harbor knows better than anyone how to help these businesses and has been doing so for years. We’ve worked with businesses in multiple sectors across the industry including LTL/TL trucking, specialty transport, container shipping, shipping port operator, 3PL’s, warehousing and trailer rental.

Our experience includes serving as financial advisors and interim management to an over-size and heavy haul trucking company, an integrated company that provides 3PL, trucking and warehousing services, an operator of five containerships, a large privately owned national full-service leasing company, and providing valuation services to a potential lender to a provider of same-day, time-critical customized logistics solutions to corporate customers.