Winter Harbor LLC


Winter Harbor Prepares Power Solutions Company for Merger


Established in 1921, Koontz-Wagner offered power companies and organizations electrical, mechanical and technical solutions. They were a publicly traded provider of custom-engineered auxiliary equipment and maintenance support services for the global power generation industry. They built packaged control buildings, which served as portable power control rooms used near oil and gas pipelines, substations, solar panels and power plants. Koontz-Wagner has since merged with Global Power Equipment Group, LLC.

Our Role

Winter Harbor was engaged by Koontz-Wagner to provide financial advisory services, specific to assessing business operations.

  • Assessed operational performance of all four Koontz-Wagner facilities.

  • Evaluated corrective action plans by management.

  • Analyzed operational workflow and organizational structure.

  • Assessed key performance metrics.

  • Analyzed job profitability.

Engagement Outcome

Winter Harbor was engaged by Koontz-Wagner to perform a comprehensive assessment as the business prepared to merge with Global Power. As Financial Advisor, we analyzed the operational efficiency and financial performance of all four Koontz-Wagner facilities. We assessed key performance metrics and evaluated work quality produced employees. Our professionals partnered with management develop a corrective action plan, which would be implemented post merger.