Winter Harbor LLC

Missionary Church of the Haitian Community

Winter Harbor Ensures Non-Profit Tax Codes for Boston Church


The Missionary Church of the Haitian Community (MCHC) is a non-profit, religious organization located in Somerville, MA. Established in 2012, MCHC has grown to serve over 250 petitioners in the Boston community, providing a place of worship, spiritual development and guidance. In addition, the church strives to improve homeless conditions in the local community. Due to its non-profit tax status, MCHC has revenues of less than $1 million each year.

Our Role

As Financial Advisor, our professionals:

  • Reviewed Church historical financials.

  • Evaluated feasibility of annual budget.

  • Liaison between the Church and Bank.

  • Led the process to refinance the Church’s debt.

Engagement Outcome

Our firm was engaged by MCHC to serve as Financial Advisor. We assessed its financial status and reviewed the current year’s annual budget. We determined the feasibility of the annual budget by reviewing financial statements and operational expenditures. Additionally, we verified the Church was operating in compliance with its non-profit tax code designation. The engagement concluded with our professionals leading the debt refinancing process on behalf of the Church.