Winter Harbor LLC

National Label Company


National Label Company is an international custom label printer having operations in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Singapore with warehouses across the world.  Their labels include ones that transmit battery currents, verify drug contents, and are printed in metallic inks for clients in the U.S., Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  In 2017, assets of National Label Company were purchased by LUX Global Label Co.


The current lender to National Label requested the assistance of a financial advisory firm to assess and monitor the Company’s financial projections and cash flows, as it determined whether to continue its financial relationship with National Label.

Scope of Work

Winter Harbor was retained by the secured lender of National Label Company to provide advisory consultative services related to ensuring commitments were maintained under its established credit agreement.

  • Monitored and audited reporting under the guidelines of the new forbearance agreement.

  • Performed a daily audit of the Company’s borrowing base calculations.

  • Audited Company’s collateral and shipping processes.

  • Analyzed the Company’s inventory mix and valuation.

  • Reviewed of Company’s budgets and forecasts.

  • Developed strategy to monetize aged inventory.

  • Assisted with the development and negotiation of recapitalization proposals.

Engagement Outcome

We successfully monitored and audited the Company’s reporting and borrowing base calculations until the Company was acquired by an outside investor.