Winter Harbor LLC

Saskatchewan Wheat Pool

Agrifood Company Prepares for Liquidation


Saskatchewan Wheat Pool (SWP) was a grain handling, agrifood processing and marketing company based in Regina, Saskatchewan. SWP created a network of marketing alliances in North America and internationally, which made it the largest agricultural grain handling operation in Canada.  They operated 276 retail outlets and more than 100 product handling facilities, and generated $3 billion in annual revenue.  SWP was a processor of grains, bakery ingredients and hog products.  After nearly 100 years of being in business, SWP was later acquired by Giencore International, a multinational commodity trading and mining company.

Our Role

Winter Harbor was hired by Saskatchewan Wheat Pool to serve as Chief Restructuring Officer during the liquidation process.

  • Evaluated various business segments.

  • Prepared a comprehensive business plan, including the divestiture of certain operating segments.

  • Advised the Company on the restructuring of its $1 Billion (in Canadian Dollars) in debt.

  • Oversaw asset sale and acquisition process.

Engagement Outcome

Our professionals were engaged by Saskatchewan Wheat Pool to restructure current debt levels through the sale of non-core business assets. By evaluating various business segments and preparing a comprehensive business plan, SWP was able to present our findings to potential acquirers. Winter Harbor oversaw SWP’s sale of business assets and led the refinancing of its debt terms with SWP’s senior lender. Winter Harbor was retained to manage the wind down process for SWP over a three month period.