Winter Harbor LLC

Kaitlin Stilphen

Kaitlin is Office Manager at Winter Harbor, keeping everything and everyone in order on a daily basis. She oversees human resources, IT and account and billing services.


Kaitlin Stilphen | Director of Administration

Kaitlin is a business leader who understands the vital role of financial integrity, strategic growth, and operational support.  As Director of Administration, Kaitlin oversees employee resources, technical issues, billing services, and recruiting.  She is responsible for the development, direction, and coordination of administrative services.  She closely monitors significant aspects of our operations, and ensures legal compliance with the Firm’s risk management policies.

Kaitlin joined our firm in 2013, having previously worked as an office manager and administrative assistant for an accounting and advisory firm.  In this position, she led daily office and administrative procedures, providing direct support to company partners.  She managed a variety of projects including the preparation of budgets, development of tax reports, and implementation of firm resources.  Kaitlin is proactive in creating an office community and connection among professionals.

Kaitlin is a New England native, who enjoys spending weekends in her hometown.  When not in the office, you can find Kaitlin and her son spending time together at their local beach.